Barbershop Stories is a storytelling series, which includes a live show and podcast, created by storyteller, producer and communications coach Dawn J. Fraser. The live show is co hosted by comedian Mike Brown, and features performers telling true stories to a live audience. Set in the culturally and artistically diverse neighborhoods around New York City, and taking place in an actual hair salons and barbershops, the show showcases some of the region's best performers including storytellers, comedians, and memoirists... then we chop off their hair. 

Dawn J. Fraser - Creator, Host and Producer

Dawn J. Fraser is a storyteller, speaker and communications coach who claims both San Jose, California and Brooklyn, NYC as her bi coastal homes. She is a Lead Instructor with the storytelling organization The Moth, and independently teaches workshops to students, entrepreneurs, and business owners to develop stories that serve as a roadmap for personal and professional achievement. She was featured among some of the nation's top innovators as a speaker at TED@NYC, and her stories about growing up as a twin and a first generation Trinidadian have been featured on storytelling shows including The MothStory ColliderTOLD and RISK!

Dawn is one of the Co-Founders of the Oakland based nonprofit ‘Art in Action’ (currently a division of United Roots Oakland) and has worked on performance and advocacy programs in countries including Brazil, Jamaica and Ghana. She is currently a national speaker on the application of storytelling in developing vision, identity and leadership potential. For more information please visit Dawn's Speaker Profile or her Facebook Fan Page.

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Mike Brown - Co-Host


Sareen Patel - Audio Engineer