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Barbershop Stories on You Tube!

Unable to make it to our kickoff show in July, 'Growth and Transitions'? No worries- we now have exclusive videos on our new You Tube channel! You can also easily access all of our shows under the Videos section in the Media tab. The first is from Ronica Reddick, a performer in Silence! The Musical, who shared a story about a uterine fibroid  that took on the personality of Beyonce- "curvy, larger than life, dense... and he came with his own backup dancers." Hilarious and deep! The second is a song by Ja Poet about his journey from Tennessee to New York, as he followed his "dream down the I-95". Also featured is hair stylist, comedian and beat-boxing machine 'Ya Main Man' Mike Walker. Enjoy!

The Kickoff Recap

David Crabb performs while Aaron gets cleaned up
David Crabb performs while Aaron gets cleaned up

Hey Barbershop Stories Fam, Thanks for those of you who were able to join us for the kickoff of our event! We had a great time telling good 'ol fashion stories at DeLuxe Gallery in Fort Greene, Brooklyn about growth and transitions. We kicked off the show with Ja Poet, who graced the stage some pretty sick lyrics flowing over the buzzes of people getting their du's did. Next up was Kerri Doherty, who shared with us the secret language of flight attendants, and how she will never be able to see the phrase 'it looks like its raining in Dallas' the same way ever again (spoiler alert- it means someone is having a heart attack in first class!) David Crabb shared a heart felt tale about returning to his home city in Texas, and reconnecting with his long lost friends in a way that showed them all how much they had grown. Ja Poet came back up during the intermission with some soulful grooves with beat boxing by one of the resident hair stylists- Ya Main Man Mike Walker. They both are truly renaissance brothas!

In the second half, we had Ronica Reddick share with us the story about removing an 'unwanted visitor' and built in a classic analogy to Beyonce. Lastly Aaron Wolfe finished off the show, with a new haircut that we did on site, with a story about trying to fit in with a band of 'rejects' and a misogynistic lesbian at Hampshire College.

When it was all said and done, we had a great time grubbin' on some empanadas and fruit salad, hanging out, and building a diverse community of people who enjoy connecting through stories, poetry, and music. For more information on the performers, please check the Community or the Kickoff Show page. We'll be posting up pictures from the show soon, as well as details for the next show. Stay tuned!

Kickoff of our Live Show!

Ja Poet and Ya Main Man Mike
Ja Poet and Ya Main Man Mike

Join us for the kickoff of Barbershop Stories with tales about Growth and Transitions. We'll be picking out fros and trimming corners on some 'dus while serving up a hot plate of food. Its all you could ask for a perfect visit to the salon.  

Featured Storytellers:

Kerri Doherty- Host of 'Geeking Out', 'I Like You, Maude' and Managing Editor of F'ed in Park Slop

Aaron Wolfe- Moth GrandSLAM Winner

David Crabb- Host of 'Ask Me Stories', NY Times Critic Pick for his solo show 'Bad Kid' and Moth StorySLAM Winner.

Ronica Reddick- Performer in the Silence! The Musical

Featured Slam Poet: Ja Poet

Pictures of our kick-off show performers. From left to right: Kerri Doherty, Aaron Wolfe, David Crabb, Ronica Reddick and Jakeith Hairston (Ja Poet).

Hosted by:

Dawn J. Fraser (dfrizzle)

Mike Brown

Location: De Luxe Gallery 704 Fulton Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8:00pm